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Explore our gallery of drone aerial photographs and video - this is a new page, so we'll be adding lots more over the coming weeks 

Sample video showcasing new houses for sale 

See a real video that has helped sell these houses 

Here is another video used by the estate agent to sell these houses  

Demolition video 

Demolition of an office to make way for a new development of 8 this space for more video of the build project 

Do you have a project? Contact us for more information Please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

When do you need the photographs or video. or when would you like us to arrange filming? This may depend on weather conditions, so if there are alternative dates, please let us know. 
Please explain what you want to achieve. Please give as much information as possible, which can help us understand what is involved and help us plan what we will need to do to give you what you want. We'll contact you if we need more details or have any queries. 
The postcode of the area is you know it, or alternatively the co-ordinates. If in doubt, tell us what you know and we can research and check for further details. 
If it isn't already clear, what is being filmed? Is it land or property, an event or occasion? 
If it is easier to phone and have a chat, please call us on 01733 590541 
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