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Drone aerial photography by eVo-AIR Peterborough Cambridgeshire Drone aerial photography by eVo-AIr Peterborough Cambridgeshire Drone aerial photography of solar panels by eVo-AIR Peterborough Cambridgeshire
Aerial photograph by drone UAV
Aerial inspection of roofs and solar panels by drone UAV
Aerial photos and video by drone UAV
Drone Safe Register approved operator

What is a drone and what can it do? 

A drone is one of many words to describe an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV), also known as Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), Unmanned Aircraft (UA) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). Commercial drones are usually light and manoeuvrable aircraft that can be used as a stable platform for an aerial camera in the sky. 
Using the latest satellite global positioning system technology, a drone can feedback live pictures to the drone pilot, making real-time aerial pictures a reality. Imagine having a bird's eye view of the world, beamed straight to your computer as it happens.  
Here are just a few of the ways using a drone (UAV) can help 
Aerial view of a building being demolished
Watch this video on You Tube - click here 
See how drone aerial video can help sell homes
Watch this video on You Tube - click here 
The DJI Phantom 4 is a popular drone commonly used for drone aerial photography

Drone Aerial Photography and Drone Aerial Videography 

Using a drone can be a simple and affordable way of getting unique aerial photographs and aerial video footage. 

Take a look at our work on YouTube and Vimeo - we have just started building our portfolio, so watch this space! 

Aerial Photography 

Taking aerial photographs previously involved an expensive manned aircraft or installing quipment to work at height, with all the associated health and safety concerns. Using one of our unmanned aircraft means high-resolution 20mega-pixel aerial photography is cheaper and more accessible than before 

Aerial Videography 

Filming in the latest 4k resolution gives video footage incredibly sharp images, much better than the 1080p, giving many more pixels, Our drone video can be viewed from the ground during the flight, so we can show you exactly what you want  

Affordable Aerial Filming Using A Drone (UAV)  

Property Marketing 

Are you an estate agent? If so, marketing property using aerial views can give a great perspective and dramatically increase the impact of a property for sale or investment. Look at our YouTube video: https://youtu.be/e6jfjDMtf_Q 


Easy aerial inspection of sites, property and buildings when scaffolding is difficult or expensive. 


Monitor crops, hedgerows, water sources, livestock to gather data to cut cots and help yields 

Weddings & Events 

Working with wedding and event photographers, we can give a unique bird's eye view of your day! 

Emergency Services 

Aerial images of remote or difficult to access areas can help assess risks and devise strategies for emergency teams are deployed 

Media & Journalism 

Aerial images, aerial photography and aerial video gives an interesting new dimension to news reports, news stories, magazine and TV commercials, TV filming and advertisements 


Aerial surveillance of buildings, security assessments, monitoring of events and venues 

Insurance & Claims 

Aerial images of property after a claim, or for a portfolio review can be invaluable in providing unique information for underwriters, brokers and loss adjusters 

Gallery of images 

We'll be adding to this gallery of aerial photographs and video over the coming weeks 
Visit our Google Photo Album of aerial photographs and video
Some photos of the rural village of Hamerton 
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