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Drone Aerial Photography and Videography 

We offer a wide range of photography and video services using a drone. 
Modern drones, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and SUSA (which stands for small unmanned surveillance aircraft) are essentially ultra-stable aerial camera platforms that provide exceptionally high-quality aerial images for many different uses. Using the extensive satellite network, they can safely be flown in relatively windy conditions and by using the on-board global positioning systems (GPS), their relative position in the air and above ground can be accurately determined for mapping, surveying and tracking purposes. 
Drone Aerial Surveying 
Find out how drone can help with aerial surveying work 
Drone Aerial Inspection 
Save money using a drone for roof inspections and aerial inspection of tall buildings 
Drone Aerial Mapping 
Mapping solutions using a small unmanned surveillance aircraft (SUSA) can save time and money 
Building & Construction Aerial Videos 
Find out how using a drone for aerial images can help the building, construction and allied trades industry, gaining perspective and an edge 
Drone Aerial Photography 
A bird's eye view of your house, your business premises or an area can give an interesting new prospective and if probably cheaper than you think - find out more about drone pictures 
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