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Finding roof damage using a drone to inspect a roof
Traditional methods of inspecting a roof using a lift, tower or scaffolding can be time-consuming and expensive. But using a drone to take high-definition, detailed photographic images and video can be much cheaper and more effective.  
Drone aerial roof inspections can find damage easily
If you have a damaged roof, work often starts with finding out the extent of the damage and getting quotes for repairs. And if the roof is high, or maybe not easily accessible, there can be significant costs incurred before you even start on repairs.  
But using one of our drones to take photographs and video of the roof can be a much quicker and easier way to manage the problem. Once the drone is airborne, we can instantly see pictures of the roof, beamed directly from the drone to our ground-based operator. Capturing the right pictures or video is then simply a matter of using the on-board drone camera to get all the information you need. These pictures can then be shared with contractors to assess the work and get you the best roof repair quote. 
Check roofing tiles and slates 
Check roofing sheeting or covering 
Check the condition of flat roofs, including water-pooling and ultra-violet damage and degradation 
Inspection of dormer windows  
Check the condition of flashing and sealing around windows and chimneys 
Check gutters are clear and in good condition 
Inspection of drainage pipes and connections 

Why choose us for your drone photography and video? 

Qualified and experienced drone pilot 
CAA authorised drone operator 
Fully insured in accordance with CAA regulations for aerial operations 
Experienced property developer and business consultant 
Web and SEO advice to help you use video on your websites 
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