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Drone Aerial Video and Aerial Photography for Estate Agents 

Aerial video and aerial photography by drone/UAV can really help properties sell 

Using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, also known as a drone) to take aerial video and aerial photography pictures can really make a property for sale stand out from the competition and help show buyers the best aspects of a property. This in turn helps estate agents save time and money on property marketing.  
A bird's eye view of a property can help potential buyers see more about the surrounding area - questions about the local area like "how far away is the local school", "where is the park", "how far is the road", "where are the shops" and so on can easily be answered with a well-shot aerial video. All can be seen using a drone to take aerial pictures 50 metres above ground. 
For larger country properties, or properties for sale with land and grounds, aerial video really helps buyers appreciate the location and what the property offers. "Location, location, location" is so important and sometimes conventional ground photographs alone cannot do enough.  
We can combine both aerial still photographs and ground still photographs in a video to give buyers an eye-catching way to appreciate the property for sale. We are always happy to work with estate agent photographers to create and design a portfolio of images and aerial video, ready for Rightmove video-tours.  
Click the You Tube or the image on this page and watch our quick 1 minute video sample on You Tube about drone aerial video for estate agents  

Rules and Regulations on drone aerial images 

Don't worry, we'll take care of this! There are a lot of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules and regulations, health and safety considerations and privacy laws that are there to (quite rightly!) protect the public and make sure drones are used safely and legally. eVolution Consultants are members of the Drone Safe Register and hold the necessary Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, We will be happy to provide copies of our PfCO, insurance details and anything else you need to reassure yourself that we are the right people to do a professional job. We will work with you to make sure all aerial video is safe, legal and gives you the images you want. 

How high can a drone fly? 

A drone usually must fly to a maximum altitude of 400 feet, away from manned aircraft. Special permission from the CAA is needed to fly higher. For our purposes, filming and pictures are usually much lower, typically 30 - 100 feet, so that details of a property or landscape are easy to see. With the permission of a property owner, our unmanned aircraft can take off and hover or fly at any height, providing the flight is safe. 

"Flying a drone is fun!" 

"Combining my life-long love of flying radio-controlled aircraft and helicopters, photography and my previous business, website and marketing knowledge makes drone video a perfect new service that I am pleased to offer. I am authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority and fully insured to offer aerial photography and aerial video services." 
Quick response, fast turn-around and affordable prices - ask me how I can help you. 
Prices start from just £120 + VAT for an aerial property video, which can include both aerial video footage and aerial photographs. I'll be happy to discuss anything else you need - please contact me about your aerial photography or aerial video project? 
eVo-AIR Aerial Photography and aerial video and aerial inspections
Using a drone (also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle - UAV) is a cheap and accessible way of getting a birds eye view of property and buildings, agricultural land, sporting events and weddings. Get a quote from me for drone aerial photography 
Aerial view of homes and commercial buildings

How much do drone videos cost? 

Every job is different, requiring individual risk assessments and method statements to ensure that the drone flight for video and photos is safe and legal. We are based in Cambridgeshire and local work doesn't usually incur extra travel expenses and time. But we are happy to work anywhere in the UK, we'll just need to charge for travel.  
But to give you some idea of the cost of an aerial video, a simple drone video filming job for a property will cost £90 + VAT. This includes post production editing work to create and design a video ready for publication to a video-hosting service such as You Tube or Vimeo.  

Get a quote for drone aerial photography and aerial video 

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The more information you can provide, the better! 

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