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Website Design Huntingdon: Should It Be .com Or 

Website design Huntingdon experts are the best people to look to for advice when it comes to your website and the content used within it. However, before you start thinking about the design, you need to come up with a name and organise a domain to match it. 
But it’s not as easy as just choosing a domain name and getting on with the web design Peterborough aspects of having a website. When it comes to the URL extensions – the information at the end of a domain name – there is a lot of choice in the UK. The two main options are .com or, and these are the most memorable as they have existed for the longest period of time. Others, including .org, .net, or even .uk are less well known and although are perfectly acceptable to be used, you may prefer to have a more recognisable extension. Certainly this is where most people start when they are looking at web design in Peterborough. So it is best to use .com or It does depend on what you are selling, and where you are selling it to. A global product should ideally have a .com extension, as this gives the impression, if correct, that you are happy to sell across the world. If the UK is your market, then a extension is best as it denotes that you are more local. Of course, if you can’t choose or think that both are good ideas, then it is possible to have both and divert one to the other. You web designer will be able to advise you. 
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