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Web Design In Stamford: How To Get More Reviews 

Web design in Stamford should be able to promote you in a variety of different ways. One of the very best ways to gain more traffic to your site and more business in general is to get positive reviews of your services. But how can you persuade people to leave reviews when it isn’t something that everyone is keen to do? 
The first way to encourage more reviews for your web design Peterborough website is to make it much easier for them to be given. Don’t just assume that people will go to your website and leave a review on their own. You can arrange for an email to be sent after a sale is made, reminding the buyer to review their new item. If there is a button or link within the email to make things even easier and quicker, then there is more chance that a review will be left for you. You can also ensure that they don’t have to navigate to your website to leave a review – text reviews, video reviews, even offline reviews can all be used and are all excellent ways to push your website forward. One of the very best kind of reviews is from someone who was not happy with your product or service and then changed their minds. These are the people you should spend time looking for – follow up your correspondence and ask if they would mind leaving a review. These can be extremely powerful. When considering your web design in Peterborough, you could even have a page dedicated to these reviews, making it even easier for them to be seen. 
When it comes to web design in Stamford, you need a professional to help you. The experts at eVolution Consultants ( offer a variety of it’seeze website packages, each with the right number of pages for your needs. Contact us online or phone us on 01733 59 00 41 to speak to the team.