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Stamford Website Design: Can Stock Images Be Used On Your Website? 

Stamford website design needs to be considered very carefully. If your web design is done right, then your marketing will be much easier, and that will boost your sales and your search engine rankings. Added together, this will mean you are successful and ideally making some good money from your site. 
The look of your web design Peterborough is just as important as the information on it. In fact, because the general design of your site is what people will see first before they even have a chance to read or watch any of the content, it is perhaps the most important element. Using images can help grab the attention of those who are visiting your website, and using stock images can help you immensely when it comes to thinking about web design in Peterborough. A good web design agency will have an account with some excellent stock images sites which, unless you choose to take your own photographs, are the best images to use. You must not use any image from elsewhere on the internet without permission (this comes in the form of adding a link to the original photographer’s page, for example). Not only is this a breach of copyright, but it is also bad for SEO, and your site will be penalised in the rankings for duplicate content. Some stock images are free, but to get the ones that will work best for you, it may be worth opening up an account and paying for some excellent quality photographs. This could all be included in your web designer’s fee, so it’s best to ask if you are unsure. 
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