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St Neots Web Design: Should You Use Page Counters? 

St Neots web design can incorporate a variety of different elements, and it all depends on what you are looking to achieve in the end. You and your web designer can discuss exactly what you want and need to include in your design, and what will work best for your particular brand. 
Page counters used to be a popular and integral part of many web design Peterborough based solutions, and they would be placed on homepages. The idea behind them was to show how many people visited the site. There were even more sophisticated versions that gave you additional information such as which website the visitor came from, or what search terms they used. Today’s web designers, however, no longer believe that these page counters are necessary – and they could even be doing damage to your business. When a page counter is included as part of your web design in Peterborough, you might have some problems; because these counters are not invisible. If the numbers are high, then it could be a boost to business; people will see that many others have used the website before they have. However, if the numbers are low, that could be hurting your business. Low number could show visitors that your website is not so well regarded, or that you are new and therefore may not have great expertise. You will also easily give away your secrets to competitors if and when they take a look. The best way to gauge whether this is a problem or not is to organise a website health check from an expert. 
Professional St Neots web design can boost your business. At eVolution Consultants we have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out free website health checks, plus we offer design and SEO services. Please don’t hesitate to phone us on 01733 59 00 41 or complete our online contact form on our website at