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SEO Sawtry: Is WordPress Worth It? 

SEO Sawtry performed by the experts who know who it works best could well be the best thing you do for your website. To get it noticed, your site needs to be as close to the top of the first page of search engine results as possible. This is what SEO aims to do. 
When it comes to web design Peterborough, many people use WordPress. This is a platform that hosts websites and blogs, and since it is free it is extremely popular. However, there are problems with WordPress that can cause you major issues with your website – and this is why it is often best to find a web design specialist company with its own content management system (CMS). One of the main problems of using WordPress for your digital marketing Peterborough based is that it can be a very unsecure platform. WordPress is open source, which means that it need a community of developers to add to it and improve it over time. However, this means that WordPress needs to be open at all times, and this can lead to hacking and security problems. Another problem is the cost. Although WordPress is free, if you want it to be properly designed and look professional it is likely you will need to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on it. WordPress is also constantly being updated, which means you will need to constantly update your website to go along with it. This kind of maintenance is time consuming, and it can even cause parts of your site to stop working altogether. 
For advice on viable alternatives to using WordPress for your SEO Sawtry needs, contact the experts at eVolution Consultants today. We have our own proprietary CMS which solves numerous issues. We can also help with SEO queries and more. See our website at and contact us on 01733 59 00 41 or through our online form.