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PPC Peterborough: What Is PPC? 

PPC Peterborough might not be a term that immediately comes to mind when you are thinking of the design of your new website. However, PPC (or ‘pay per click’) may well be something you’ll profit from including in your marketing. What is it and what are the advantages of using it? 
For many people looking to start their digital marketing Peterborough on their website, they decide at the start between using SEO or PPC. Each has their own advantages, and it depends on what you want from your marketing as to which you choose. Pay per click is the practice of placing adverts online, and paying a small fee every time someone clicks through to your own web design Peterborough based. The most popular, and certainly the one that the most professional SEO and PPC experts use, is Google AdWords. A well-managed PPC campaign can be a truly cost effective way of bringing large amounts of traffic to your site, as it is designed to reach a certain sector of people - your target audiences and best sales prospects. It is quick and can be set up almost immediately; as opposed to SEO, which can take a long time to get going because it is a much more organic process. An SEO campaign is slower to take effect, but doesn’t necessarily have an end date, so you can just leave it running to grow as it will. With a PPC campaign, there is a finite period for the campaign or a maximum budget you wish to pay, so it necessarily needs to be much quicker to achieve great results. 
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