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Peterborough Web Development: Is Flash A Good Idea? 

Peterborough web development begins with an idea and ends with a fully formed, user friendly website, as long as you engage professionals to work for you. Asking for help and getting advice when it comes to your website is always a benefit – you can beat the competition that way. 
You may want to ask advice about what elements to include in your web design Peterborough. Flash might be something you have considered, but is it really necessary? It has recently become less widely used, so you may want to think more about this element of your digital marketing Peterborough based. There are some problems that come with having Flash on your website. Flash player needs to be installed in order for the animation to work properly. Firstly, not everyone wants to install another program on their computer; and secondly, once it is installed, it needs a lot of updating, which can be frustrating. It may even cause potential customers to head to another website that they can view without having to download new programs or upgrade ones that they hardly ever use. Flash can also be subject to security issues, and that can make your entire site problematic for visitors and for you. Flash also makes your computer work harder than it normally would when it is viewed, which means that the laptop or device it is being used on will operate much more slowly than it normally would. A good website health check will discover this for you. Finally, Flash does not work on Apple products, which means you are immediately eliminating a wide range of people. 
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