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SEO Boost Program - better SEO for Peterborough businesses by eVolution Better SEO for Peterborough businesses from eVolution

SEO Cambridgeshire - Look at our SEO Boost Program 

Search Engine Optimisation, usually known as SEO, is simply looking at your website and web pages the way a search engine will look at them - and ensuring that the right content is shown to match the search engine query so that your website content is found. 

One of the best SEO services in Cambridgeshire? 

Decision #1 - How many keywords do you want to target? 

It is really important to focus on keywords and keyphrases that you want to target. If you want to trade successfully on the business created by those keywords and keyphrases, you also need to know that there are enough people looking for them. We call this 'Search Volume',  
Keeping things simple to start with, we suggest you concentrate on a few keyphrases, at least initially.  
That is why we have built four standard packages that should suit most businesses: 
5, 23, 56 or 100 
It depends on how much money you want to spend but also, how much web traffic you want.  
Good SEO relies on good keyword research

Decision #2 - Which SEO Boost Package suits you best? 

What sort of business is yours? 
If you are a newly established business, establishing your brand is important. If you have been trading for a while, you may be focusing on products and services? Or maybe you are you a long-established business and need to review everything that has been done previously? 
Do you only want to advertise locally, or are your products and services available to a national market? 
We have 4 packages to choose from: 
Brand, Local, Regional, National 
SEO company in Cambridgeshire - the SEO Boost packages from eVolution

12-Phase Search Engine Optimisation - the eVolution SEO Boost Program 

Phase 1 - Keyword and Competitor Research 
Phase 2 - Complete Website Health Check 
Phase 3 - Directory Citations 
Phase 4 - Content Creation and Silo Installation 
Phase 5 - Linkbuilding for Homepage and Existing Pages with Rankings 
Phase 6 - Google Adwords to boost traffic 
Phase 7 - Social Media 
Phase 8 - Linkbuilding (Niche and Local) 
Phase 9 - Linkbuilding - High Profile/PR Articles 
Phase 10 - Linkbuilding – High PR Video & Audio 
Phase 11 - Blog and News Management 
Phase 12 - Reviews and Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) 

Start with Phases 1 and 2 

We are confident that you will be impressed with our strategy. We recommend you start with Phases 1 and 2, where we will outline the keyword analysis, conversion analysis, look at the competition in your sector and undertake a comprehensive review of your website.  
You can pick and choose which Phases you want and how many keyphrases you want to target. You decide how quickly each phase is completed, so you know precisely what you spend and when you spend it. If you choose to complete all 12 phases within a 4-month period, we'll guarantee Google Page 1 results. 
Please note 
Obviously SEO is ever changing and we may need to adjust the work we do without notice if we feel that superior results can be achieved by focusing on specific areas that better meet each client’s individual needs. All suggested SEO services depend on access and occasionally on the limitations that may apply to your website. 

Our SEO Packages - Information and Typical Prices 

Choose how many keyphrases you want to target, and which package you want. There is no minimum commitment, you choose which phases you want and how quickly you want to move through each phase. 
5 Keyphrases  = £79* per Phase 
Brand Recognition SEO package 
Designed for new business Google recognition, a key starting point for online brand building 
12 Phases of SEO work as detailed. 
5 Selected Target Keyphrases – Total cost for 12 Phases would be £948*  
From £79* per Phase 
23 Keyphrases  = £199* per Phase 
Local Coverage or Low Keyphrase Competition SEO package 
Designed for small businesses targeting a local area or a niche product market 
12 Phases of SEO work as detailed 
23 Selected Target Keyphrases – Total cost for 12 Phases would be £2,388* 
From £199* per Phase 

56 Keyphrases = £398* per Phase 

Regional Coverage or Medium Keyphrase Competition SEO package 
Designed for businesses with a product or service that is popular and widely available 
12 Phases of SEO work as detailed 
56 Selected Target Keyphrases – Total cost for 12 Phases would be £4,776*  
From £398* per Phase 
100 Keyphrases = £597* per Phase 
National Coverage or Higher Keyphrase Competition SEO package 
Designed for bigger businesses looking to sell nationally with a very well known product or service that is well used by a significant number of buyers 
12 Phases of SEO work as detailed 
100 Selected Target Keyphrases – Total cost for 12 Phases would be £7,164*  
From £597* per Phase 
* All prices are plus VAT. Suggested keyphrases for each package are shown, but these can be tailored to your specific requirements. Please ask for more information 

Do you want to improve the SEO on your website? 

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Guaranteed Google Page 1 Results 

If you complete all 12 phases of our SEO Boost Program within 4 months, we guarantee your keyphrases will appear on Google Page 1 

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